About Us

The Murphy Enterprise Center was established in 1999 through a $1 million gift from Ken and Shirley Murphy. This gift was the largest ever awarded to the University of North Texas for the purpose of establishing meaningful resources to support entrepreneurship.In 2009, the Center was renamed the Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship with an expanded mission to support entrepreneurial creativity across the entire campus.

To be recognized as a national leader in entrepreneurship education, the Murphy Center will establish innovative programs and creative processes as well as abundant resources to support entrepreneurship on the UNT campus. In order to accomplish this, the Murphy Center will assemble internal and external advocates who are recognized as leaders in their own right, to guide and provide counsel to the center. Internal direction is provided through an Academic Advisory Board composed of deans and organizational leaders on campus. This advisory board will be instrumental in identifying educational programs with high impact and will facilitate collaboration with key faculty groups and networks. The external National Advisory Board is comprised of successful alumni and friends of the Murphy Center who have excelled in entrepreneurial ventures. They will help to spearhead our fundraising activities and will also help in setting priorities and developing new initiatives. They will also provide valuable input to the five strategic objectives of the Murphy Center.

The Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship will be a global leader in entrepreneurship through academic programs that lead to the formation of new and innovative enterprises and creative solutions for social problems.

To support the entrepreneurial spirit on the UNT campus through initiatives that lead to economic, social, and intellectual value in our communities.