2011 New Venture Creation Contest


Prize monies were awarded at the 2011 Leadership Luncheon on November 18, 2011 to the following:
First place winning $25,000 was Forward Tutoring.


forward tutoring




Forward Tutoring, is an online non-profit venture that provides two unique online services for underserved students: free one-on-one online tutoring and a student-oriented volunteer opportunity database. For every hour a student volunteers, he or she receives an equivalently valued amount of credits for online tutoring. They will partner with local organizations and talented students to provide relevant volunteer opportunities. This venture was created by high school students that spend their last two years at UNT in the Texas Academy of Math and Science program.



Second Place winning $15,000 was Bandolo.



Logo Temp



Bandolo, in Italian means solution to a problem, and this what Bandolo does. Currently they are focusing on developing a support system for backpacks used to aid and benefit outdoor enthusiasts that desire to set themselves apart from the crowd.


Third Place winning $10,000 wasChocolate House LLC.







Chocolate House, LLC is bringing a first-time offering in the United States of the best tasting and highest quality cacao beans in the world, directly from Mayan farmers in the Central American rainforests of Belize. Their own Maya Mountain brand has more than 20,000 potential wholesalers and retailers to supply millions of consumers with this new prime super food. Their for-profit company also has an important social entrepreneurial aspect by matching funds with rainforest farmers to educate Mayan children.