Spring 2012 IDEA

Out of approximately 90 IDEAs submitted, 13 finalists presented their two-minute pitch on March 15. The judges selected 5 winners who were awarded $250 each and dinner with the judges.  Congratulations to the winners photographed below.

Pictured Left to Right, Brian Ivanchan, Clarissa Redwine, Larry Xiao, Amanda Quay and Stephanie Ezeugo.

The Spring 2012 winners:

Idea 1:
Brian Ivanchan’s IDEA is to create a full, online, virtual 360 degree tour of campus that goes down every sidewalk and up every stairway.

Idea 2:
Clarissa’s IDEA is the development of a companion planting system.

Idea 3:
Larry’s IDEA is to create a trading system for old and new literature.

Idea 4:
Amanda’s IDEA is to create a long-term energy-generating solution that can serve the dependence communities have on unpredictable electrical grids. 

Idea 5:
Stephanie’s IDEA is to create a nonprofit company that will cater to the needs of battered victims by taking them through courses of martial arts and fitness training.